Core Challenge Central Regional


November 22, 2011
Core Challenge - Central Region 1 (Baltimore City, Baltimore Co., Harford*, Howard, Montgomery)
Location:  Center for Educational Opportunity, 253 Paradise Road, Aberdeen, MD 21001
Start time: 8:30 a.m.  End time: 4:30 p.m.

* Host District

Come Prepared!
If you have never used a Livescribe Smartpen, please do the following in the days prior to the meeting:

Smartpen 101 Online Course
View the videos in Modules 1-4 in the self-paced online course, "Smartpen 101."  We will have only a short amount of time together at the meeting, so is critical that you learn the basics of using your smartpen prior to arrival. Follow these directions to enroll in the course:
  1. Go to
  2. Read the instructions under “Is this your first time here?”
  3. Click on the “Create new account” button
  4. Fill in the registration information
  5. Click on the “Create my new account” button which will generate an email to confirm your account
  6. Open the email and click on the link to confirm your new account
  7. Click on the course named “Livescribe Smartpen 101”
  8. Enter the enrollment key: smartpen
  9. Click on the “Enroll me in this course” button.
Additional Livescribe smartpen resources:

Tentative Agenda

Participants will:
  • Take steps toward building/enhancing a productive learning community of stakeholders to support the transition to and implementation of the CCSC
  • Develop a deeper understanding of challenges facing district’s across the state
  • Examine and provide input toward the development of the Common Core Learning Community
  • Lend expertise toward the development of resources to support the “Core Challenge”

8:30    Introductions and Building the Community (Icebreaker and Quick Overview)
9:15    Explaining the Core Challenge
10:00  Break
10:15  Breakout 1 (Advanced Pencasting Techniques - Janet Sankar, Livescribe)
          Breakout 2  (Leading in the Common Core Era)
11:15  Preliminary Planning (Common Expectations for Pencasts, Rubric)
11:45  Lunch
12:15  Pencast Development
1:45    Peer Review
2:15    Pencast Development
3:30    How to submit your work.... (James Marquis, Classfive)
3:45    Reflections, Closure, Next Steps
4:00    Adjourn